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Taking a More Focused Look at Criminal Justice Jobs in the Prison Systems

December 22nd, 2009

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The modern prison system has begun to be an eyesore for the American public as it has fallen into disarray over the past few decades.  With the overcrowding, over-sentencing, and increased gang violence, the prison system has become an entity that needs taming by incoming criminal justice workers.

The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world which is noted through our decreasing standards of prison care.  Many larger cities have reported the most problems with housing inmates, many of whom would be released within a few hours if the city had enough resources to get their case directly dismissed as it should be.  However, the overcrowding has led to a heightened amount of work for law enforcement officers, bail bondsmen, and lawyers around the city, which only results in high inmate populations.  Furthermore, with the H1N1 scare, more and more inmates are being exposed to a variety of contagious diseases which spread through prisons like wildfire. 

Additionally, many sentences and laws regarding prison sentences have led to an increased number of inmates as well, as many sentences are carried out unfairly or are centered on the “three strikes” rule which has plagued many California prisons.  While this law has good intentions, it has led to a high number of inmates who are now stuck in federal prisons where they previously would have been released on probation.  Maintaining prison systems has put an enormous strain on many states as they have had to pay for expensive renovations and housing for an unprecedented number of inmates.

While criminal justice jobs may not be able to fix the mess we are in, many recent graduates can help do a thorough investigation of the prison systems from the bottom up, witnessing first hand the changes that need to be made.  There have been suggested commissions that need to be formed, composed of criminal justice experts, in an attempt to figure out what to do with the rising rate of gang violence (because gang members are not contained in prison systems) and the parallel rising amount of prisoners who are far less dangerous. 

It is a necessary but difficult question to ask of our criminal justice system and only fresh criminal justice jobs will help answer the question that has been plaguing the prison system for the past few years. 

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