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Recent Graduates Can Benefit by Working at a Temp Agency

December 19th, 2009

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Been looking for that perfect job to get you started on your career path, but feel as if you are at a dead end instead? If you are finding yourself staring at the phone just waiting for a call back, maybe it's time to look for something more temporary. A temporary agency provides staffing services to companies who are in need of employees for short-term work. Many temp agencies focus on finding workers for a specific area of business, such as finance, health care, and industrial labor. They can also focus on providing staffing for certain types of work, such as secretarial, accounting, and technical.

These agencies hire people who they believe would be good candidates for the companies they provide services for. But being hired at a temp agency isn't as easy as you may think because most of them have hiring processes that include interviews and skill assessments. Based on an individual's qualifications, the agency will begin to assign them work and place them in positions on a case-by-case basis. If you are looking for a flexible opportunity to gain experience, you can benefit from working at a temp agency.

Recent graduates can benefit from the flexibility of working for a temp agency. Being a temp worker means that you will not have guaranteed consistent employment. For a recent college graduate who wants to keep their options open, that can be a good thing. As a temp worker, you have the flexibility to specify the hours you are available to work and ask for assignments based on your preferences. A temp agency will never force you to do a job and you have the flexibility to accept or decline assignments. This means being able to accept an assignment if you are in immediate need for some extra money, or decline an assignment if you want to leave your calendar open to interview for more permanent positions.

Recent graduates can benefit from the experience they gain by working for a temp agency. Short-term jobs give you the opportunity to learn about different industries and work in different types of environments that you might have never thought about. With each assignment, you will gain new skills and abilities that you never learned in college. Working for a temp agency will enable you to obtain a lot of experience in a short amount of time. It will also show potential employers that you are a fast learner, able to easily adapt to new environments, and willing to do whatever is asked of you.

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