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Law Enforcement Careers of the 21st Century

October 5th, 2009

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The days of Sherlock Holmes are long over, and have been replaced by days in which clever thieves commit crimes through a myriad of sophisticated techniques, many stemming from technological advancements.  One of the more recent international crimes is that of a $7.4 billion loss due to carbon trading fraud in Europe.  Mr. Holmes never heard the likes of a crime such as this in his day.  Therefore, law enforcement careers have had to evolve to present law enforcement with adequate training to tackles any issues that may come their way.

The past few years have seen a rise in corporate fraud, resulting in economic net loss in the billions.  The carbon trading fraud is only the latest within international boundaries and deals with much more than simple business crime, but ecological crime as well.  This fraud added tax to the price of carbon dioxide permits sold to businesses although this money never made its way to the government; the system originally was meant to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Europe although the laws are now much stricter as a result of the crime. 

This is not to say that law enforcement careers will not have to deal with the everyday criminals; this seems unlikely of ever changing since people will always want what is not theirs and will always be compelled to participate in lewd acts.  Upholding the law in this respect is part of being in law enforcement and having the ability to punish the guilty for crimes they commit.  Criminals are just becoming clever with their techniques, which is why we need to continue to update our law enforcement techniques as well in order to keep up with crime at the same pace.  Getting inside the criminal mindset is never easy, but it is well worth it to capture a wanted felon.

Simple bank robberies of only a few decades ago have long vanished from the criminal radar, as law enforcement officers now rarely get reports of bank robberies due to high-tech security measures which every bank has put into place.  It is amazing to see how far we have come in this respect after reading about bank robbers like John Dillinger in the 1930s or Bonnie and Clyde.  There are no longer “public enemy number ones” within the United States; we are much more focused on our public enemies abroad.  However, we do have an America’s Most Wanted list that is constantly changing.  The change in era has also led to a change in law enforcement protocol. 

Capturing a new type of criminal requires a new set of skills, which is why there are now so many different law enforcement careers to choose from.  The days of simple police work is now over, what with specialized crime units, detective units, etc.  However, the days of mass crime sprees are also nearing their end as it is increasingly difficult to pull off a complete “heist” and still get away without any trouble thanks to the able-bodied law enforcement officers. 

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