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Keeping Your Job

December 23rd, 2009

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The job search can be a grueling one, leaving you feeling drained by the end of a day filled with dropping off resumes and sitting through interviews. When you have finally landed a job after all of your hard work, you may feel entitled to take it easy. After all, you've got the position now, so why not relax? The truth is, signing a contract to join a company officially is only half of the matter when it comes to steady employment – you also need to make sure that you can keep the job.

In an economy as delicate as the one that Americans have been dealing with for the past few years, employment is a tricky thing. Many companies are laying off employees in order to control costs, so those who do find employment need to work extra hard to earn their keep. This means that you do not have the luxury of slacking off once you are hired. You will need to go straight to work to prove that when the hiring manager chose to hire you out of everyone else that he or she made the right decision.

One of the best ways to show that you are dedicated to your job is to simply show up and leave on time. While you may not have to clock in every morning and clock out every afternoon to prove that you are putting in your full day's worth of work, chances are, if you chronically show up half an hour late for your job, someone will notice. Remember that it is not fair for you to show up late every morning when all of your other coworkers can show up on time. By the same token, do not always leave early as well because this will give the impression that you are not getting any work done. Even though you may be a fast worker and finish your work before the official time for departure, do not make it a habit to leave an hour before everyone else does. Only do so if you have discussed it with your boss before and gained his or her approval.

Completing your work and putting in visible effort is also important when it comes to proving that you are a hard worker. This means that even if you can get your work done in between gossip sessions at the coffee break room, you should make sure that you still don't spend too much time in there. Your supervisors will likely think that you are not working hard enough, so be sure to spend some time showing them that you are indeed doing your job. Asking to take on more responsibilities if you find yourself with constant free time during the work day is another excellent way to prove that you are dedicated to your job, making it more likely for you to not only stick around, but also advance in rank.

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