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How Helpful are Job Search Websites?

September 25th, 2009

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Job search websites have become the classifieds of our generation, as thousands of recent graduates comb through these sites daily, increasing both the hits the websites receive and their funding at the same time.  However, we are left with the annoying residue of using these sites as we are continuously bombarded with daily emails even after attempting to get off their listserve.  Additionally, most job search websites do not discriminate in the jobs they post, leading to jobs that are essentially pyramid schemes intended to lure in the most vulnerable of job seekers. 

Everyone has their horror stories about the job search sites, but in the end all that really matters is how helpful they are.  Did you end up getting a job or career as a result of putting your resume into the depths of the site?  If you did, then you have little to complain about, but for most people, the really good jobs hardly ever post on these sites because of the many scam resumes they receive and it still comes off as a less safe way to hire an employee.  But for many larger companies, this may be the only method to reach out and find recent graduates who are desperate for a job.

In the current recession, job search websites have seen their statistics dramatically increase as more people are putting their full faith into the sites in an effort to secure a job.  The days of flipping through newspaper classifieds are nearly obsolete as very few people read the print version of the newspaper anymore, and most online classifieds in newspapers are now cleverly tied into job search websites as well (sure to give you a list of “similar” jobs at the same time!).  However, for all the hassle that job search websites may bring to job searching, they present the job seeker with many outlets in job availabilities, stemming from different sources around the country.  You are now able to few available jobs for nearly every part of the country, when only a few years ago this would have been a difficult endeavor.

Job search websites have become commonplace in a country that is experiencing a high rate of unemployment for the first time in years.  Without these sites, we would essentially be up the creek without a paddle and without a way to guarantee any person a future job.  Therefore, these sites fill in a gap within the job search industry and provide many of us with the means of finding any job to make it through the rest of the recession. 


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