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How Aerospace Engineering Has Increased in Recent Years

January 7th, 2009

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While many people assumed the space race would end with the fall of the Berlin Wall twenty years ago, the prevalence of engineering programs in universities across the nation have indicated that the space dream is alive and well for many students.  Aerospace engineering degrees do not necessarily indicate a foray into NASA or anything relatively akin to space travel, but many aerospace engineers do participate in studies and research that have to do with space.  Additionally, modern technology has bred new aerospace engineers that have less to do with space and more to do with the most modern advances in aircraft for the military.  Aerospace engineers are in essence suited for multiple types of future career choices and are easily expendable to work in different environments that have to do with aircrafts.

Not every aerospace engineer becomes a rocket scientist, but many do go on to design aircraft for the Air Force and other military units.  The new technological advances have allowed aerospace engineers to work with the most up-to-date technology and design more intricate designs that can fit our countries’ needs in times of war.    Despite the waning popularity of the space program, aerospace engineers have managed to sustain job prospects due to the ever-increasing popularity of aircraft.  While the recession has impacted many commercial airlines, military aircrafts remain a constant need for our nation and the most innovative technologies that aerospace engineers can design are those which are made from their expertise in the field. 

Many aspects of aircrafts involve complicated computations that only aerospace engineers would have the knowledge to perform.  As a result, many of these engineers work in highly developed companies that pride themselves on creating the best possible aircrafts for a variety of uses.  These careers have become more commonplace than the pop culture reference to the rocket scientists which so many of us associate with aerospace engineering students.  However, as the space industry takes an uncertain hiatus from its constant exploration into the unknown, aerospace engineering employees will continue to have a set career path as technology continues to advance and military and commercial aircraft become ever-more advanced.  Aerospace engineering continues to be a major part of pop culture sci-fi movies and television shows, indicating that our culture is obsessed with the prospect of advancing our aircraft to the state of space flight or at least to the more modern notion of aircrafts in the aeronautical sense. 


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