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Appealing Career Descriptions are not Always as Good as They Sound

January 2nd, 2009

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With the influx of job-seekers out there in recent months, many companies have been forced to appeal to a wide variety of people through attention-seeking methods that make their ads appear more like a spectacle than anything.  Career descriptions that seem too good to be true are typically not¬ true.  It is important to research into any company before you apply and interview for the company, especially if they pride themselves on their “fun environment” and “Fortune 500 companies”.  These are some buzz words to keep on the look-out for, since many companies hide their pyramid schemes in interviews that do not really mention what the job is about.

It has become increasingly difficult to weed out “fake” career descriptions from those that are real careers, resulting in an interesting dilemma for job seekers.  While many job seekers know what type of career they want to go into, many others are still unsure of their future and therefore look at any job they are qualified for, simply to have a job.  This has led to a new type of career description in these ads which simply request a bachelor’s degree or a few years of work experience.  Vague descriptions such as these are typically too good to be true, although they attract thousands of applicants in big cities (there are many unemployed recent graduates). 

Most job searching sites do a good job at weeding out the scam type of job opportunities, but many of these companies pride themselves on the ability to not be “scam” related but they are purposely vague about the description of their company to raise their appeal.  It is a tough industry out there and job seekers no longer care what job they get as long as they receive a job and companies have profited off of this mindset.  Pyramid scheme companies which list their career descriptions as making fast money with little work are very appealing to the out of work political science student, but these jobs only set you back several months and are typically a blow to your self-esteem.  With a college degree do you really want to go door-to-door selling cable plans?

Career descriptions on job or company sites are the way in which many of us receive a stable career which we have been searching for.  Companies that list actual qualities of the type of work and experience which are needed are typically legal and legitimate.  Simply performing your own research on a company is a good way to discover what type of work they do and whether they are the right fit for you.  It is essential to research a company before an interview anyway, so you might as well get a jump start on the process and begin your research before you apply.  Limiting yourself to vague career descriptions on sites like Craigslist is not the most efficient use of your time in searching for a job but can actually set you back in looking for a job.  Therefore, look at any outlet for the job market you can find, including larger company websites; limiting yourself by a few career descriptions is a far cry from an effective job search.


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