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99 Awesome iPhone Apps for Busy Business Travelers

October 7th, 2009

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When traveling for business, you don’t always have time to plan out your trip the way you’d like. Depending on weather-related delays, deadlines, networking events and changes in your own office’s schedule, you may have to book and rebook travel and reorganize your itinerary even after you’ve left home. But with an iPhone, managing last minute changes is easy. Check out these 99 awesome iPhone apps for busy business travelers, from scheduling help to city guides to everyday utilities you’ll need on the go.

Schedules and Itineraries

Book travel, manage your itinerary and organize your trip with these apps.

  1. Kayak Flight and Hotel Search: Use this travel meta search engine when you need to book a flight or hotel on the go.
  2. TripCase: Get customized travel messages, flight status updates, security wait times, baggage information, gate changes and more with TripCase.
  3. FlightCaster: Map out your Plan B with this app, which predicts flight delays based on weather and other qualifications.
  4. Travelocity TravelTools: Save trip information and get flight schedules, gate information, security wait times, delay information and booking support with this tool set.
  5. Expedia Itinerary Viewer: Expedia fans will be able to see their whole itinerary and travel confirmation numbers and bookings here.
  6. LiveATC Air Radio: Get a heads up about delays straight from the source when you eavesdrop on air traffic control conversations.
  7. Airfare: With Airfare, you can look up international and domestic flights, including multi-destination flights, flights on specific airlines, and more.
  8. Trips: This travel manager, powered by TripIt, organizes confirmation numbers and e-mails, flights, hotels, car rentals, baggage information, meetings, flight status, weather, dinner appointments, and more.
  9. MyFlights: Manage your flights with this app, which automatically updates them if any changes are made due to delays, weather or rescheduling.
  10. WorldMate Gold: Organize every step of your trip, from flights to breakfast meetings to rental cars to lodging.

Maps and GPS

Make sure you know exactly where you’re going and how to get there with the help of these maps and GPS apps.

  1. Google Earth: Access the user-friendly mapping technology of Google Earth on your iPhone for fast and easy local search, directions, and more.
  2. ReSpotter: Network with other traveling associates and contacts when you locate them on city maps, from Shanghai to Paris.
  3. World Tour (travelogue and map): Add pins to the map to annotate trips and store photos.
  4. WikiPlaces: Get Wikimaps on your iPhone here.
  5. Weather Radar: This interactive weather map will clue you in to delays, local weather and more.
  6. G-Map U.S. East: If you’re going to be traveling anywhere in the eastern U.S., use this GPS system on your iPhone to get around.
  7. OffMaps: View city maps offline, in landscape or portrait mode, and even when you travel abroad.
  8. Traveling Companion: This app includes a compass, your GPS location, heads-up display, nearest street address, directions and more.
  9. CoPilot Live: This app is pricey, but if you’re constantly on the go in the U.S. or Canada, you’ll find that the 3D and 2D driving maps, voice directions, auto navigation support, detour and alternative route options and other features are worth it.


Navigate around your new city like a pro when you download these apps for metro stations, AAA and highway support, taxi services, and more.

  1. Metro Americas: Business travelers who frequent major cities in the Americas, including Montreal, New York, Mexico City and Washington, D.C., will be able to get subway guides for all destinations here.
  2. AAA Roadside: If you often travel by car, send AAA roadside assistance requests with your iPhone.
  3. MetrO: Map out the fastest route using rail, bus, metro or tram for 400 cities around the world.
  4. Cheap Gas!: Locate the cheapest gas wherever you drive in the U.S. and Canada with this app.
  5. Rocket Taxi: Order taxis with this app that works in 10,000 cities.
  6. Transit Maps FREE: Get transit maps for BART, NYC subway, Queens bus, Philadelphia rail system, and plenty more.
  7. London Tube Subway: Get the London tube map on your iPhone, which can also sync the transit guide to Google Maps.
  8. New York Nearest Subway: Locate the closet subway station when you’re in New York using this app.
  9. Traffic: Get traffic updates for most metro areas in the U.S.
  10. G-Park: Record information and a photo about your parking location so you never forget where you left the car.
  11. Airport Codes: This app will help you find shortcuts when booking travel and more.

Language Help

When traveling to places like China, the Middle East, South America or Europe, you might need some help communicating with locals. Each of these iPhone apps uses a different system to help you master the language, or at least get by.

  1. Global Talk: With Global Talk, you can type in your question or statement, choose a language to translate to, and then show a native speaker the translation on your iPhone screen. Supports 42 languages.
  2. Oxford Translator: You don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to use this translator, which lets you choose voice translations, and a build-and-repeat phrase system.
  3. Translate It!: This translator lets you type in messages, which are translated into text bubbles using Google Translate.
  4. QTranslator: This translator comes with preset sentences and lets you type in a phrase and translate it to over 40 languages, like Finnish, German, Hebrew or Thai.
  5. iTranslate – Ultimate: For just $1.99, you can get basic language support for French, Spanish, German, Italian and English.
  6. myLanguage Pro: Use this language app to copy/paste text, listen to translations, search offline, dialect pairing, and more for languages from Urdu to Hindi.
  7. Linguo – Multilingual Translator: This user-friendly translator works for languages like Norwegian, Polish, Dutch, French and Russian.
  8. Free Spanish Dictionary: Practice your Spanish with this side-by-side dictionary.
  9. World Guide: Look up language information, climate, transportation tips and more for places in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and beyond.
  10. English-Japanese Language Translator: This virtual phrase book lists English words and their Japanese translations — in character form — side by side.

News and Alerts

Stay on top of financial news, medical alerts and more with these apps.

  1. Influenza A(H1N1): Get swine flu alerts that could impede travel with this app.
  2. talk Radio: Connect to talk radio stations wherever you are for news and entertainment.
  3. iNap: Arrival Alert: Feel free to take a nap when you set up this alert, which will wake you up when you reach your destination.
  4. CDCAlert LE: Get medical alerts from the CDC here.
  5. Keep up wtih weather news and forecasts with’s app.
  6. TerrorNews QuicknEasy RSS: If you’re going to be traveling to risky regions, keep up with terrorism-related news here.
  7. Cell Phone Ban: Set up this alert to notify you when you drive through a cell phone ban region.
  8. PortfolioLive Stock Quotes/Market Data : Get a finance news reader, NYSE and NASDAQ quotes in real time, plus market analysis.
  9. iBusiness News: Use this app to get aggregated news from CNN, BBC, USA Today, and The New York Times.
  10. The Wall Street Journal: Get news from The Wall Street Journal no matter where you’re traveling with this app.

Food and Lodging

Download these apps to make sure you always have a place to stay at night and a well-balanced meal in the morning.

  1. Urbanspoon: This popular app can quickly help you decide on a yummy place to eat near your current location.
  2. Book hotels on the fly with, which can refer you to places based on your current location, nearby landmarks, reviews, and more. No cancellation fees are included, either.
  3. LocalEats: Quickly look up local favorites for dining out, and get directions, contact information and price ranges in your results.
  4. Yeerp Bed and Breakfast: If you’d like to stay in a bed and breakfast when you travel, use this app to find the closest one to your location. Supports six languages.
  5. Zagat To Go ’09: You don’t have to waste time in dead-beat restaurants, bars or hang outs when you have this dining guide on your iPhone.
  6. HotelsByMe: This iPhone service will help you locate and book hotels, save your hotel list, view them on Google Maps, and pay in 17 different currencies.
  7. Call a Hotel: Look up hotels and their phone numbers quickly with this app.
  8. Rest Area: Locate quality rest areas in the U.S. with Google Maps and this app.
  9. FoodMenus: If you want take-out or delivery when you’re out of town, use this app to find and store U.S. restaurant menus.
  10. HotelPal: Major hotel chains are logged in this database that can help you choose your next night’s stay while you review photos, maps, amenities, and more.

City Guides

If you manage to get some downtime during your trip but didn’t have time to plan a personal itinerary before you left, turn to these travel guides for city specific assistance.

  1. UrbanDaddy: Find cool things to do in cities like New York, San Francisco and Miami by plugging in the time, neighborhood, and keywords like "date" or "lounge."
  2. SitOrSquat: Bathroom Finder: Find decent, clean public restrooms in a hurry with this app, that works for cities like Houston, Phoenix, Detroit, Boston and Seattle.
  3. 7 Cities to See in Europe: If you have a little downtime when you travel to London, Istanbul, Barcelona, Rome, Prague, Paris or Dublin, watch one of the tourist videos on this app to find out what you need to see.
  4. Travelhost: Learn about dining, shopping and entertainment attractions in different cities, and then save directions and listings to your iPhone whenever you have some free time.
  5. GPS Points of Interest: When you’re trying to figure out what to do in a new city, use this app to get ideas and find directions to entertainment, food and more.
  6. Smart Biz Traveler: With this app, you can find cabs, restaurants, hotels, entertainment and more, based on your current location.
  7. Rome2Go: Check out the top places to visit in Rome.


With the help of these tools, you’ll be able to keep in touch with everyone back at the office, your family at home, and any contacts you can meet up with on your trip.

  1. Wi-Fi Finder: Use this app to find Wi-Fi hot spots close by. It currently supports 270,000 locations worldwide.
  2. Postcard Express: Create custom postcards without having to stop at tourist shops with this app.
  3. Int’l Calling: Rates and Codes: Get international calling rates and codes for 243 regions, from Cape Verde to Greece to the UK to Canada.
  4. TravelTrac Lite: Send back videos, journal entries, notes, photos and locations to the office or to friends and family as you travel.
  5. Postman: Turn your iPhone into a virtual delivery service so that you can tweet postcards, post to your Tumblr blog, and more.
  6. FriendWatch: Notify friends of your location so that you can meet up on business trips.
  7. Boxcar: Let this one app send you notifications from your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  8. Black Book: Manage all of your contacts’ information, including photos, social media IDs and more from this one list.
  9. Loopt: Loopt is another tool that can help you find contacts, friends and colleagues wherever you travel.
  10. Bluetooth Walkie Talkie: Turn your iPhone into an easy-to-use walkie talkie with this app.

Work Support and Organization

With these remote access tools, you’ll be able to keep up with work, organize your travel notes and save photos, text and more.

  1. all-in Notes: Add photos, text, dates and voice recording for on-the-go note taking.
  2. AirFloppy: Save files from the web to your iPhone with this app.
  3. Overnight: Express Shipping, Tracking, Pricing: Use this app when you need to ship or receive packages while you’re out of town.
  4. MobileMeiDisk: Access files and folders on your remote iDisk with your iPhone.
  5. Trip Planning To-Do List: Keep up with your meetings and appointments, plus deadlines and other to-dos here.
  6. LogMeIn: Log into your Mac or PC with this app.
  7. Awesome Note (+Todo): Organize tasks, to-do lists, ideas, brainstorms and more with this app.
  8. Hours Tracker: Keep track of billable hours even when you travel.
  9. iTeamAgenda Location: Keep track of your location, meetings, parked car, and more as a way of staying connected to co-workers around the world.
  10. Easy Attendance Memo: Record your attendance at and participation in meetings, conference calls and more across the globe.


Turn your iPhone into a currency converter, alarm clock, tip calculator, packing checklist and more with these helpful apps.

  1. Currency: This free app calculates currency conversions for over 90 different currencies in 100 countries.
  2. Tipulator: Tipulator is a popular tip calculator that lets you split the bill and the tip.
  3. Be Prepared to Travel: This travel checklist will help you remember to pack and update your passport, hold mail, get a house sitter, get a taxi, and more.
  4. SplashTravel: This "all-in-one trip organizer" includes a tip calculator, currency exchange, world clock, time calculator, packing list and other tools.
  5. Airline Bag Fees: Calculate bag fees by airline, including international carriers like Air Canada.
  6. PackingPro: Manage multiple packing lists at once with this app.
  7. Traveler’s Stain Removal: Get tips on how to remove pesky stains on the go.
  8. White Noise Lite: If you need help falling asleep in strange places or on planes, use this app to simulate the noise of thunder storms, beach waves, rain or other noises.
  9. Unit Calculator: Convert feet to meters and more with this unit calculator.
  10. Gas Log: Use this app to log your gas mileage on business road trips.
  11. Alarm Night Clock Lite: Turn your iPhone into a digital clock with date, time, day and other settings.
  12. Send MMS: Send free photo texts home or into the office with this app.

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