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50 Great Business Law Blogs

December 10th, 2009

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While it may seem to the rest of the world that business lawyers are independent and reserved professionals, anyone in the field knows that cases and contracts can be overwhelming and downright tedious. Even if you’re the best of the best, sometimes you simply need help, advice, or a teammate who knows the perfect solution when you draw a blank. These blogs address several aspects of business law and are filled with news, legislation, cases and counsel that every lawyer can read and use.

Top 10

These blogs are chosen as the top on the Web because they are popular, helpful, and powerfully thorough.

  1. WSJ Law Blog: Get information on trends and legislation within the business community, from the publication you trust most.
  2. ABA Journal Blawgs: The American Bar Association provides a way to search for the business blogs that will best suit your litigation needs.
  3. NJ Business Wise: Ever wonder if your work emails are company property or privately owned? Ever wonder when your contracts end? This great blog has laws and litigation that affects you and your business.
  4. Los Angeles Business Litigation Blog: This blog is operated by Daniel Reisman, a trial attorney who has practiced in nearly every aspect of business law.
  5. e-Commerce and Tech Law Blog: Thomas O’Toole manages and edits this blog, and offers commentary on news and trends reported within the world of Tech Law.
  6. DRG Law Blog: Small and medium-sized business owners should look at this blog. Topics include contracts, formation, licensing, and more.
  7. Jackson Kelly Government Contracts Monitor: This reputable firm represents contractors of all sizes from various governmental and private industries.
  8. Trade Secrets Blog: Whether you’re a lawyer or a business owner, you can use this blog to keep your trade secrets safe and legally protected.
  9. The Legal Satyricon: This great blog is as witty as it is useful. You’ll get a daily dose of sarcasm and helpful legal news from the one and only Marc John Randazza.
  10. Trade Regulation Blog: John W. Arden, JD, LLM is an expert in trade regulations and works to promote consumer protection, franchising, and privacy litigation.

Corporate Law

In-house lawyers can get news and counsel at these fantastic business blogs.

  1. The Corporate Counsel: Broc Romanek and Dave Lynn offer practical guidance for corporate and securities laws on this original blog.
  2. Venture Blog: You might enjoy knowing the contributors to this blog are as reliable as they are credible. David Hornik, for example, is a venture capitalist who invests in software and Internet companies and writes for the Journal of Law and Business as well as The Harvard Journal of Law and Technology.
  3. InHouse Blog: This blog provides counsel and news for in-house attorneys in the business world.
  4. Inside Counsel: Get insight into business law and all the things you need to know about in-house litigation.
  5. Conglomerate: Brought to you by a group of business law experts, this blog covers economics, society and much more.
  6. Credit Slips: This blog focuses on credit and bankruptcy, so lawyers who specialize in business, consumerism, and bankruptcy will love this one-of-a-kind site.
  7. International Trade Law News: News and information on international trade law and issues.
  8. Arbor Law: Small business owners will appreciate this legal blog and the news it features.
  9. Privacy Law: Protect the privacy of your business and its data with the counsel of these seasoned business law gurus.
  10. Antitrust Lawyer Blog: Because antitrust laws are some of the most important regulations in the world today, this blog is essential to litigators in the field of antitrust and international relations.

Contract Law

While others get lost in the jumbled jargon of business contracts and paperwork, contract lawyers find refuge in it. These bloggers share your passion and offer great advice on the subject.

  1. The Bizop News: This blog covers an array of legal matters, but focuses on commercial litigation, franchise and distributorship law.
  2. The Law Blog of Theresa Petrey, PLLC: Lawyers looking for business-only blogging won’t find it here, as Petrey adds details of her personal affairs in some of her blogs. Still, the information within about estate planning and living will drafting is both useful and interesting.
  3. Contracts Blog: This blog isn’t updated as often as some others, but it deals with all things contract, including contracting laws, news and technology.
  4. The Fine Print: Chadwick C. Busk, the author of this well-established blog, has been in the business of corporate contracts for more than 20 years, so take his legal counsel to heart.
  5. MichLaw: News and advice on estate planning, contracts, debt collection, and more, from Cullen Geisler, PLLC.
  6. Making Sense of It: This blog provides counsel, strategies, tips and tricks to dealing with day to day legal issues. Peter MacSweeney understands the need for affordable legal help and is currently writing a book, The $25 Lawyer.
  7. Contracts Prof Blog: Main blog editor Franklin G. Snyder teaches contracts law at Texas Wesleyan University, so readers can consider him a contracts genius. Whether you’re studying law or business, you’ll find something here to help you out.
  8. Adams Drafting: Finally, a man who knows not everybody understand legal jargon. Ken Adams says he is dedicated to expressing contracts "in a modern and effective language." Read his blog to follow suit.
  9. BoricuaLaw: "Boricua" is the colloquial term used to describe the people of Puerto Rico, and this blawg is dedicated to them. Since estate planning isn’t a common practice, the lawyers who post here encourage readers to learn about the practice, and emphasize the importance of bilinguality among lawyers who work with and represent Puerto Ricans.
  10. Licensing Handbook Blog: This blawg focuses on information security and contract law, and emphasizes the importance of modern language in modern law documents.

Copyright Law

From intellectual property to patents, get the skinny on copyright law for corporations at these interesting and well-written blogs.

  1. beSpacific: Sabrina I. Pacifici blogs about e-governing, privacy, cybercrime, freedom of information and copyright legislation.
  2. The Trademark Blog: Martin Schwimmer focuses this blog on U.S. and international trademark laws.
  3. Privacy Digest: This blog might not be as clearly laid out or readable as some other blogs, but its content is important to anyone who needs to know about privacy and trademark issues facing lawyers and businesses today.
  4. The Invent Blog: Stephen Nipper shares his work in U.S. patent and trademark cases for foreign law firms.
  5. Groklaw: This blog is a great resource for lawyers who "want to know more but don’t know where to look." It contains a complex site map as well as searching options.
  6. Cairns Blog: Law professor Beth Simone covers a variety of topics, including first amendment rights in the digital age.
  7. Ars Technica: This "art of technology" blog features posts about the copyright laws within internet and intellectual property.
  8. Lessig Blog: Author and Laywer Lawrence Lessig shares cousel and book news on this great, well-known, and respected technology and intellecutal property blog.
  9. The Art Law Blog: Look deeper into laws concerning copyrighting and the arts with this long-standing site.
  10. A Copyfighter’s Musings: Lawyer Derek Slater shares his world of digital media and copyright law.

Labor Law

From hiring to firing, these laws cover all the ground of human resources and more.

  1. Gruntled Employees: This blog reminds business owners how much time and money goes to waste each year dealing with angry employees and needless lawsuits. So, follow the guideliens from these lawyers to keep your workers "gruntled" rather than "disgruntled."
  2. Labor & Employment Law: Get newsworthy information regarding labor and employment legislation, and find out how such legislation affects you and your practice.
  3. Class Action Defense Blog: Michael J. Hassen keeps this blog going, full of information and news about class action lawsuits and laws.
  4. Workplace Prof Blog: This professor deals with issues in the workplace including race and gender discrimination, as well as hiring and firing laws.
  5. Florida Workers’ Compensation Blog: Licensed attorney David McCraine blogs on the rights of workers in the Sunshine State.
  6. Wage Law: This Southern California firm’s blog deals with both federal and state minimum wages.
  7. Connecticut Employment Law Blog: Daniel A. Schwartz keeps this blog updated regularly with information lawyers and business owners can use regarding employment and termination laws and regulations.
  8. Employer’s Law Blog: Day Pitney, LLP, runs this blog from a business owner’s perspective. You can find all you need to know about labor, employment, benefits, and executive compensation law.
  9. The Women’s Rights Employment Blog: Make sure you’re in the know with current sexual harrassment and gender discrimination laws.
  10. Benefits Blog: This awesome blog covers tax, benefits, and compensation law for businesses around the country.

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