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Hack Your Work Day: 100 Awesome Adobe AIR Apps for Productivity

November 4th, 2008

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Despite the many wifi spots that are popping up all around airports, coffee shops and even whole neighborhoods, it’s sometimes hard to find a free, secure and stable connection. For many freelancers, students, business travelers and other professionals who have to spend time out of their office or on the road, Adobe AIR is a great solution for maximizing productivity, even if you don’t have an Internet connection. Read on for 100 of the best apps that will increase your productivity with Adobe AIR.

Social Apps

Use these apps when you want shortcuts or offline solutions to Digg, Twitter, Facebook and more.

  1. SocialAddict: Facebook, FriendFeed, MySpace and Twitter are some of the services supported by this desktop tool, which lets you load mobile pages "for easy access."
  2. Twibble: This Twitter app comes with six icons, lets you see Twitter timelines and see the location of other Tweets.
  3. DiggTop: Check Digg posts 10 at a time with this tool.
  4. Toro Twitter AIR client: This popular Twitter client comes with an integrated search and tabs for recent, public, friends, replies and search.
  5. RAPTR Client: This gaming app can be accessed offline.
  6. SedThink: This application currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, Feed readers and Thai stock tracking, all in one interface.
  7. Apprise: With this tool you can share and streamline stories from AIM, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and even your e-mail in 16 different languages.
  8. Zebr: View and manage Facebook from your desktop.
  9. Moderator – WordPress comment moderator in AIR: Moderate your WordPress comments offline with this tool.
  10. Mini Digg: Read and digg stories from your desktop with Mini Digg.
  11. Keep up with your friends offline with this tool.
  12. @eventtrack: Stay connected to world events even if you don’t have an Internet connection with this app.
  13. DeskTube: Search and watch YouTube videos with this app.

Shopping and E-Commerce

Whether you’re selling your own products online or you just want to keep track of your bid on eBay, try out these tools.

  1. Level Four Storefront: Manage your Flash e-commerce shopping cart with this tool.
  2. TheSlurps eBay "Browse your Photo" Desktop Widget: Search eBay offline with this personalized widget.
  3. Yahoo Desktop Search Widget: Search Yahoo! with this tool.
  4. Cheapo: Get alerts on special online deals from different sites with Cheapo.
  5. Allurent Desktop Connection and Anthropologie: "Valued customers" can shop Anthropologie from their desktop with Allurent.
  6. eBay Desktop: This app features one-click search filters, alerts, history and more.
  7. CL Desktop: Craigslist shoppers can use this app to view product photos, descriptions and search results.


From Flickr to YouTube to Picasa to Pandora, all of these apps offer desktop solutions for remote and offline management.

  1. Picasa Image Browser: This browser lets you view public images from Picasa.
  2. Doppelganger: Download, drag and drop online videos with Doppelganger.
  3. DestroyFlickr: Manage Flickr with the app that actually features "really good online documentation with screenshots."
  4. Pandora – Music on AIR: This desktop app is for U.S. users only.
  5. Finetune: This customizable music tool lets you search for new artists and music, create your own playlist and more.
  6. uvLayer: Upload videos, and use AIM, GTalk or Facebook to manipulate and share videos with friends.
  7. Chorducopia: Songwriters who have either PCs or Macs can get recommendations for picking chords with this app.
  8. Thumbfall: Conduct image searches supported by Google, FriendFeed, FFFound, Yahoo and more with Thumbfall.
  9. Bookmash: This popular app can be used on Windows, Macs and Linux to watch, share and upload videos, music, photos, social searches, news and RSS.
  10. Podcast Player: You can play pre-loaded podcasts from Buzz Out Load, Tech News and Slate Daily with this app.
  11. Splasup Light: Edit your digital photos with this app.
  12. Flaivor: This app uses RSS to stream entertainment videos to your desktop.
  13. MYMediaPlayer: This tool may actually hurt your productivity, but it’s a lot of fun. You can watch videos and online TV shows easily.
  14. Adobe Media Player: This is the offline version of Adobe Media Player, which lets you download Internet TV and videos.

Web Developer and Design

These apps are great for web developers and web designers who want to work from their desktop and manage their files.

  1. Google Analytics: This reporting app is great for bloggers and web developers who don’t always have an online connection.
  2. Font-picker: Web designers use this tool to help them decide which of their saved fonts are the best match for whatever they’re doing.
  3. Snippely: With this app, you can organize your code and text bits more efficiently.
  4. WebSnapshot: Manage thumbnail, browser and full-page images to save and resize.
  5. JavaScript Special Effects: If you like to use JavaScript, then take a look at this free app.
  6. SnurlIt: Make long URLs short and manageable with SnurlIt.
  7. Dot3D: View images in 3D, including JPG, PNG, GIP, BMP and ICO files.
  8. Shrink-O-Matic: Resize photos with a drag and drop interface.
  9. designview: designview is a great app for designers who like using Flex Builder Design View.
  10. Icon Generator: Create CS# or Web 2.0 icons in just three steps.
  11. JavaScript Style Switch: Play around with different designs without having to change HTML codes.
  12. SearchCoders Dashboard: Connect with other web developers with this Flex-related app.
  13. Pixus: Preview your designs without having to switch back to low-res views.
  14. .merlin: .merlin finds and organizes all of your saved fonts.

Business Tools

Here you’ll find a great list of apps that work for the busy business professional, including calculators, stock analysis and more.

  1. Klok: Use this time tracking tool when you’re trying to fit in extra projects at off times.
  2. NASDAQ Market Replay: Those who track the NASDAQ and NYSE will love this replay and analysis app.
  3. Timeloc: Timeloc is another time tracker that is great for freelancers and contract workers.
  4. Scientific Calculator: Access a scientific calculator for your business and financial equations with this app.
  5. VAT Calculator: This calculator can calculate VAT inclusive and exclusive values.
  6. Jipingmi Pro: If you’re in the market for Chinese real estate, use this tool.
  7. [G]OneTime: [G]OneTime is another time tracking tool.
  8. Ora Time and Expense: This app helps you manage expense reports, invoices and timesheets.
  9. Point of Sale Software (POS): Retailers and store owners can use this tool to get "a better overview of your business, your employees and your customers." Get updates daily.
  10. Google Calendar Invoice Creator: Clock your billable hours and generate HTML or text invoices with this tool.

Contacts and Communication

Manage all of your instant messages and e-mails safely and efficiently with these tools.

  1. Universal Inbox: This tool "gives you control over how you store your digital assets," including e-mail, files, Twitter messages and more.
  2. AIR iPhone: This early-stage iPhone app manages contacts and the web browser.
  3. TokBox: This video calling app is free to use.
  4. GMDesk: Manage your Gmail account offline using this app.
  5. AS iYahooCheck v2: Check your Yahoo ID status and your friends’ statuses with this app.
  6. NEWZDOG: Stay connected to news updates with this searchable app.
  7. Multilingual Soft Keyboards: This is a great tool for those who work internationally.
  8. SimpleClass2: Teachers and students can check grades and stay connected wherever they are with SimpleClass2.
  9. Pronto!: Pronto! is a secure interfact that includes IM, e-mail, groupware, voice and chat.
  10. LG Phone: The Adobe AIR app for LG Phone lets you "call people from your Ribbit account."

Apps for Cubicle Dwellers

Adobe AIR is a fun platform for those who are stuck in their cubicles all day and want to waste time under the radar.

  1. CrazyCam: This Adobe AIR app lets you turn regular photos into ridiculous images by playing around with 33 different effects.
  2. dock_clock: Count the seconds until your workday ends with this clock.
  3. StudioCloud Clothing Assistant: Play around with outfits and even send your saved looks to friends.
  4. Pizza Hut: Privately order yourself a pizza from Pizza Hut.
  5. FansBuzz Desktop: Catch up on football news with this app.
  6. Fotobooth: Add effects to your webcam and play around with silly images with this app.

Time Management and Productivity

Below are a host of tools designed to boost your school or work productivity.

  1. Remember the Milk Notifier: The Adobe AIR version of this web-based to-do list makes for maximum productivity.
  2. AgileTracker: This easy-to-read app clearly displays task reports and time tracking charts. Agile Agenda users can sync up their task lists with this app too.
  3. Doominow To-Do list: Check out this very easy to-do list manager.
  4. Google Reader AIR app: Google Reader addicts work offline thanks to this app.
  5. Snackr: Quickly browse your RSS feeds with this app, which pulls random items and runs them across your screen.
  6. Desktop Alarm Clock Widget: This "unobtrusive" alarm clock can deliver messages automatically.
  7. MiniTask: MiniTask is another simple to-do list manager for Adobe AIR.
  8. RTM Notifier: This app automatically checks your Remember the Milk tasks and reminds you when deadlines approach.
  9. JabeAbzar’S Clock: Stay on track when you download this analog desktop clock.
  10. compuccino time track: This time tracker syncs up with Basecamp.

Apps That Make Your Life Easier

From a map app to a back up tool, these apps are designed to save you time and stress.

  1. Websnapshot: Take snapshots of different web pages with this drag and drop tool, so you can work offline.
  2. BackIt archive tool: Use this app to back up files and folders to a USB drive.
  3. myHomeCache Visual Inventory: This offline home inventory software app is updated weekly.
  4. JavaScript Quadratic Equation Calculator: If you need to solve quadratic equations, download this app to make things go faster.
  5. PMT Mortgage Calculator: Use this app to help you organize your monthly payments to your mortgage.
  6. EarthBrowser: EarthBrowser is similar to Google Earth. Click on different parts of the globe to retrieve data for that area.
  7. WebKut: Cut screen shots and capture web pages to work offline.
  8. Passpack Desktop: If you have trouble remembering all of your passwords, let this app manage them for you.
  9. Net Cost to Buy: This app is another real estate tool that figures out your net cost per square feet for different commercial properties.
  10. Oxy Reminder: This smart app reminds you to get up and stretch every 2 hours.

Managing Teams

These apps are great for team and business managers.

  1. Timeslide: Add notifications into your apps whenever you post to your blog or a new IM pops up.
  2. Employee Directory: Search for employee data and information on your desktop.
  3. Salesbuilder: This app features data synchronization and direct chart manipulation.


These two apps round out our list of awesome Adobe AIR apps.

  1. StockQ: Get stock quotes delivered to your desktop.
  2. Netbook: Access the Project Gutenberg Library offline.

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