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100 Web Tools to Plan the Party of the Year From Your Cube

December 1st, 2008

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Do people in your cubicle space compare you to Jim from The Office? Besides your good looks and savvy business skills, we bet you’re the go-to guy or girl who can plan games and last-minute parties the second your boss leaves for a meeting. Whether your circumstances limit you to a stealth office party or you’re set on planning the happy hour blowout of the year for your friends after work, these 100 web tools are for you.


From online games to paper football with your office mates, these games will keep the party going without the boss catching on.

  1. Games You Can Play in the Office: This guide has all kinds of silly games like off-ground tick/tag, during which players try to see who can make it without touching the floor the longest.
  2. 7 Office Games You Can Play with Your Co-workers: From Paper Football to Bullshit Bingo, these games can be played with just your cube mates or as an office-wide tournament.
  3. Get everyone in the office to play games on this site and compare your scores.
  4. Office Hoops: Inspired by the TV show The Office, this computer game challenges you to throw as many paper wads as you can into the trash can.
  5. Truth or Dare Questions: Pull from this list of questions to challenge your co-workers during office truth or dare.
  6. Cubicle Warfare: Ask your burnt out co-workers to join in on this game. First, select your office weapon: a paperclip, staple or rubber band. Then it’s on.
  7. Who Would You Do and Desert Island: Remember when Jim organizes these games during the fire at Dunder Mifflin? You can learn a lot about your co-workers this way.
  8. Island Mini-Golf: Up to four players can participate in this game.
  9. Office Trivia Game: Use the famous lightning round trivia game idea from Friends to see which team knows more about office romances, the boss or each other.
  10. Scavenger Hunt: Use this guide to get you started. You can use your own office or the entire building.
  11. Very Funny Boardroom Bingo: Spaces on this bingo board are called URL, tactical, value-added, think outside the box and other irritating office lingo.
  12. Office Party Games and Ideas: A few of these are a little lame, but you can get pretty creative with the Give Me game.
  13. Top 10 Office Pranks Exposed: When you’re tired of playing games, try out a few of these pranks and see if anyone’s brave enough to get you back.
  14. The Cubicle Prank Toolbox: 25 Great Ideas to Jack with Your Co-workers: Pranks in this list include sticking post-it notes to everything, steal their mouse ball and make them think they have a hearing problem.


If you don’t want to hire a DJ, you can download, organize and manage the music for your party with these online tools.

  1. EZ Tracks: Download free music of any genre here.
  2. Spiral Frog: Here you can search by new releases, top downloads, artists or genres, and audio and video downloads are free.
  3. We7: Sign up to create playlists and learn about artists and new hits on We7.
  4. Grooveshark: Grooveshark generates playlists for you based on your musical interests.
  5. If you don’t have much time to pick out new music, will recommend music to you based on what you already listen to.
  6. Ronan’s Online Karaoke: Gather your co-workers around for free karaoke on your computer.
  7. GigMasters: If you want to book an actual band or live entertainment for your party, you can look up talent here.
  8. iTunes Genius: When you’re out of ideas for new music or crunched for time, turn on your Genius tool on iTunes to get recommendations of new music or to create a playlist from the songs in your library.
  9. Pandora: If radios aren’t allowed in your office, use this online version.
  10. Rhapsody: Watch music videos and play music here.


Your office party is better than the vending machine. Get creative with office-friendly recipes and party snacks here.

  1. Aramark: If you’re really sneaky, you can risk charging supplies on your company’s Aramark account.
  2. Set up an office bar: Transform the basement or even the rooftop to your own private bar.
  3. Chips and Dip recipes: From salsa to bean dips to shrimp dips, get ideas for what you’ll make (or order) right here.
  4. Holiday Office Party: CookingLight’s holiday office party recipes include roasted red pepper and green bean salad, and chocolate pound cake.
  5. Party Snacks and Appetizers: Here you can find even more party snack ideas.
  6. Bar cart: Even if your office doesn’t have an official bar cart, stock one during lunch and roll it around as a surprise treat for your co-workers.
  7. Nationwide Catering: Call up these professional caterers if you don’t have time to make anything yourself.
  8. Potluck recipes: If you want ideas for a potluck party, browse these recipes.
  9. CHOW’s intense brownies: Brownies are always a party favorite, and this recipe is totally indulgent.
  10. Mugs: Drink or pass out snacks in mugs if your office has a no-alcohol or no-food policy.
  11. Order pizza without having to broadcast your order on the phone with this tool.
  12. Special Order Keg List: For more liberal offices, order a keg from this list.
  13. Quiznos: This popular sandwich shop also makes it easy to order online.


Get the word out about your fabulous party using Twitter, Evite and other online tools.

  1. Evite: Upload a photo of your logo or office space to customize your Evite.
  2. Facebook: Send a mass message or create your own party page to notify friends of your party.
  3. Twitter: For a spontaneous and under-the-radar party announcement, send invites over Twitter. (Yes, this is a bit less formal than sending cocktail party invites or wedding programs.)
  4. MyPunchbowl: This online party planner lets you send save-the-dates, invitations, and a poll for a date feature that lets you ask coworkers when they have conflicts.
  5. Socializr: Send free online invitations and upload your party pictures afterwards using Socializr.
  6. Meetup: If your friends and coworkers are on Meetup, use this platform to schedule and plan a party outside the office.

Party Favors

Shop for party favors to thank your guests for keeping your party under the radar.

  1. Cafe Press: Customize mugs, t-shirts and more with Cafe Press.
  2. SeeJaneWork: Female colleagues will love the cute office gifts sold on this site.
  3. Gift Ideas for the Office Worker: Pass out geeky badge holders, a digital voice recorder pen and other fun gifts at your party.
  4. Gag Gifts: Find blow-up dolls and other gag gifts here.
  5. The Office Holiday Gift Guide 2007: From the DVD to Dundie Awards, you can get ideas from the TV show here.
  6. The Office Shop: Find more gifts from The Office at the official NBC store.
  7. Pink Slip: Depending on your office culture, this could be kind of a sick joke, but a fake pink slip could also be funny.
  8. Bonus: Slip $1 into an envelop marked "bonus" to surprise your guests.


Make your party even more fantastic by choosing a theme. These web guides will help you think of ideas and plan for the special day.

  1. Popular Theme Party Ideas: From Bingo Party to College Party, find theme ideas here.
  2. Theme Parties: Get ideas for decorating and food here.
  3. Gift Exchange Party: Here are different ideas for gift exchanges, including White Elephant and Right-Left Present Swap.
  4. How to Throw a Theme Party: This article has ideas for theme parties and a checklist for your supplies.
  5. Theme Parties ‘N’ More: Get ideas for decorations with this website.
  6. Party Theme Shop: Shop for theme party supplies here.

Surprise Parties

Sometimes a surprise party is the only way to go in an office that’s strict about rules. Wait until the boss is in a good mood or out of the office and bust out the snacks, drinks and music. This list shares even more tips.

  1. How to throw a surprise party (and not get caught): This guide knows that surprise parties at the office are risky…and a lot of fun.
  2. How to Plan an Office Surprise Party: This simple guide has tips for choosing the best day and time, sending invitations and more.
  3. Surprise Office Party Gone Wrong: Avoid this tactic for surprising a co-worker.
  4. How to Throw a Successful Surprise Party: Follow these eight tips to plan a surprise party without getting discovered.
  5. Surprise Party Ideas: Evite shares tips for planning food, drinks, decorations and more.
  6. How to Throw a Surprise Party: This guide shares tips for an easy-to-throw surprise party.
  7. How to Throw a Fabulous Surprise Party: Emma Halliday has ideas for picking a venue, selecting a date and coming up with the guest list.
  8. Top 5 List for Throwing a Surprise Party: Here you can learn when to have guests show up and more.
  9. Thinking of Throwing a Surprise Party?: This guide shares tips in a quiz format, testing you on your ability to throw a great party.
  10. Surprise Party for All Ages: Here Betty Crocker shares surprise birthday party menu ideas and more.

Project Management

Sign up for your own account and invite your co-workers to join so that you can plan parties, figure out who’s bringing what, and keep in touch on the sly.

  1. HyperOffice: This project collaboration tool offers pay-as-you-go pricing so that you can set up an account only when you need it.
  2. Basecamp: This remote access tool is great for checking party updates even when you’re not at the office.
  3. Zoho Projects: The free plan is good for one project, and Zoho offers tools like time tracking, a calendar and project collaboration.
  4. Plan Projects: This free tool lets you assign people to certain tasks like bringing snacks, acting as a lookout and more.


From getting creative in your office to booking some place cool ahead of time, don’t forget to plan out your venue.

  1. Agenda Online: Find venues across the U.S. here.
  2. The Venue Library: UK offices can search for hot venues here.
  3. This directory is still pretty new, but happy hour spots in major cities like Houston, Boston and New York are included.
  4. The Pub Directory: This site has over 900 pubs listed in the U.S.
  5. Holiday Inn: Consider throwing your party in a room at a hotel like the Holiday Inn.
  6. Local Parks Directory: For an outdoor picnic or party, use this directory to find local parks by state.


Document your party by hiring a photographer, setting up a webcam, and sharing photos on Flickr. These web tools will help you get everything set up the easy way.

  1. How to Hire a Photographer: Follow these instructions if you’re considering hiring a photographer for your event.
  2. Photography Pros: Here you can look up professional photographers in the directory.
  3. Flickr: Post your photos on Flickr to share memories from your kick-ass party.
  4. YouTube: Upload your video onto YouTube…unless your party got a little too crazy.
  5. Webcam: Set up a webcam at your desk for co-workers to stop by and leave a funny message during the party.


Whether your party is limited to the cubicle ring around the water cooler or you’re able to rent out a whole conference room, use these decorating tips to make the most of your party.

  1. ShinDigz: Order custom banners and other decorations from this website.
  2. Search for decorations by theme or event here.
  3. Party Secret: This site offers heavily discounted decorations.
  4. Party City: Shop online from this retailer and have the decorations delivered right to your venue.
  5. Caribbean decorations: Learn how to make grass skirts and decorate for a Caribbean island theme.
  6. 1980s party: setting the scene: Get decorating tips for a 1980s theme party here.
  7. Setting up the buffet: Discover how to correctly set up a buffet table here.
  8. Wilton Cake Decorating: Get tips and ideas for cake decorating here.
  9. Party Cheap: Find inexpensive decorations for your party here.
  10. How to Decorate Your Party on a Budget: You probably don’t want to spend a lot of your own money, but you can’t skimp on decorations. Find out how to make it all work by following this guide.


Make sure your office mates don’t become so rowdy or inappropriate that corporate has to take away your bonus. Learn the proper etiquette tips here.

  1. Office Holiday Party Etiquette: Monster Career Advice cautions co-workers to party in moderation.
  2. Office Party Etiquette 101: Get tips on introducing party guests and remembering names with this guide.
  3. Office Party Etiquette: Figure out dress code and more from this list.
  4. Oh, Behave!: Portfolio’s guide teaches you "who to talk to, when to leave and how to manage an office-party crisis."

Planning Tools

Keep everything organized with these tools.

  1. Party Pop: Here you can research everything from entertainment to photographers to your budget.
  2. Best Party Ever: Get party ideas, advice from the experts, recipe planners and more planning help here.
  3. Get party tips, theme ideas and vendor connections through this site.
  4. Party Planning 101: has put together this resource for organizing decorations, invitations, entertainment and food.
  5. Shaws Party Planning 101: This checklist reminds you to plan the menu, make a shopping list, choose lighting and music, and more.
  6. Party Gophers: Search for vendors and more by zip code.
  7. Planners Guide: Get worksheets for all kinds of parties, like corporate events, company picnics, buffet menus and more.
  8. Party Planning Checklist: Use this checklist to make sure you’re on track.

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