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American Institute of Technology Truck Driving School – Tucson, Arizona

If you’re looking for upward mobility and financial security then the transportation industry might just be the answer you’re looking for. The American Institute of Technology at Pima Community College now offers one of the most complete professional truck driving diploma programs available anywhere in the United States. American Institute of Technology offers four fast tracks to get you out of the classroom and on the open road fast.

  • Truck Driver (12 Quarter Credits, 160 Hours)
  • Commercial Truck Driver (20 Quarter Credits, 400 Hours)
  • Diesel Truck Driver (28 Quarter Credits, 360 Hours)
  • Professional Truck Driver (36 Quarter Credits, 600 Hours)

American Institute of Technology is a private technical and career institute, small enough to be concerned with your individual training progress. You will receive personalized training that is regularly updated to ensure relevance. American Institute of Technology training programs are thorough and designed to get you certified and into the job market as quickly as possible.
American Institute of Technology programs also feature:

  • Instructors with proven experience.
  • Hands-on training
  • Personal attention
  • Financial Aid
  • Placement Services

All the training at American Institute of Technology makes new career opportunities possible, even outside of the truck driving field. Graduates of American Institute of Technology can advance to jobs in sales or operations, such as dispatcher or safety director. Some become driver trainers, and even advance to specialized equipment.

Classes start soon, so contact American Institute of Technology today!