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Advertising and Public Relations Careers, Jobs and Training Information

In advertising, campaigns are created to convince consumers to purchase or use certain products. Campaigns are launched on television, billboards, radio, and internet. The advertisements are created to enhance the public’s perception and to get people excited about a product. Working in public relations generally entails the management of product perception, appearance of brochures, speeches, and crises for companies, non-profit organizations, and governments. Often advertising and public relations job responsibilities overlap similar tasks are required. Numerous organizations are claiming to be “strategic marketing communications consultants,” offering both advertising and public relations services.

People skills are essential in advertising and public relations careers. Jobs in these fields require close association with clients that are often demanding and difficult to work with.

Stress levels soar in advertising and PR careers due to continuous deadlines. Late nights and weekends are often spent working to meet upcoming deadlines.

To acquire an entry level job in advertising or PR, strong copy-writing skills are needed. Excellent communication skills and good presentation ability are essential to succeed in the industry. Workers must be persuasive and flexible.

Creativity is the key to success in advertising. An advertiser who can create messages that the consumer remembers will be successful in the industry.

Because there are more advertisers than advertising jobs, the industry is highly competitive. Workers need to complete an internship which generally provides no pay. Despite no income, internships are beneficial for experience and help get you into the advertising field. Those interested in advertising and PR must be willing to start working in basic, entry-level positions and try to work their way up.

Starting pay in advertising is usually low due to high numbers of people wanting to work in the industry. The more experience someone has in the industry, the better chances they have for salary increase.

Experienced advertisers are getting opportunities to work on global campaigns. Companies are expanding worldwide increasing global career options in the industry.

With the popularity of the internet continuing to grow, the advertising industry is gaining new opportunities selling, designing, and arranging advertising online.

In the advertising industry, it is important to be effective working both individually and as part of a team. Opportunities arise in both areas.

Advertisings and Public Relations Jobs and Employment

  • Advertising Media Planners decide the distribution of television, newspaper, radio, and magazine advertisements for each campaign. They are responsible for making many choises affecting the delivery of the campaign message to the consumer.
  • Media traffic personnel are well informed about the different types of media and demographics they reach. After considering the advantages and disadvantages of the various media types, the media traffic personnel purchases space and time in the types of media that will most effectively deliver the campaign.
  • Copywriters, illustrators, and creative individuals create the actual writing and illustrating of advertisements. They are responsible for drawing storyboards, writing copy, designing headlines and body copy, and sometimes taking part in the actual formation of advertisements.
  • Production Managers are in charge of the actual physical advertisements. Working in cooperation with exterior advertising producers, production managers guarantee that each advertisement is finished successfully. They are employed in-house or often work for production houses that contract services.
  • Directors of Advertising and/or Public Relations are in charge of everything in advertising or public relations excluding sales. Directors manage the planning, production, creation, and budgeting of campaigns. The director of advertising and director of public relations are usually two different positions, but both maintain comparable job responsibilities. The size of the company or organization a director works for determines the scope of their duties.
  • Public Relations Specialists manage an organization’s public relations. Their job is parallel to an account executive in advertising. Specialists make sure programs are created to match public attitudes, ensuring an organization is publicly embraced. Specialists can either work for an agency or in-house.
  • An account executive manages the entire account. They determine and communicate the customer’s advertising needs to the rest of the agency. Account executives also organize the creation, planning, implementing, and producing of ad campaigns.

Advertising and Public Relations Career Facts and Information

Because of a rapidly growing industry and projected job growth, Money Magazine ranked an advertising or public relations position as one of the fifty top jobs in America.
There is money and opportunity to be found in the advertising industry. Companies and organizations spent more than $160 million dollars on sales promotions and more than $150 billion dollars advertising last year alone.

All organizations have public relations responsibilities focused on stockholders, the community, other organizations, internal employees, and the consumer. Because of this, public relations positions are available in almost all industries.

Advertisements do not need to be ostentatious to be considered successful. Ads must present their product in a fresh and direct way, focusing on the needs of the consumer. It is essential for the ad to get the attention of the correct audience for it to be beneficial.

Diversity is offered in the advertising and public relations fields. Positions are available in outside agencies which offer services to other companies in the industry. Support companies and creative houses assist various companies in advertising production. Positions can also be found in-house corporate advertising agencies where all production is completed within the agency.

In the past, the creative strength of an ad agency has determined the company’s success. Today, media purchasing is starting to play a larger role in the agency’s profits. Advertisers are determining which forms of media are most effective for reaching their target market.

Positions for small public relations operations often require more responsibility. They also have a reputation of offering greater job satisfaction in comparison to positions within larger PR firms.

As the Internet and other online services increase, agencies specializing in these areas are acquiring more business. Today’s markets are requiring technical and marketing skills for success. Often a degree in marketing or public administration can go a long way to helping you attain the career you’re looking for.